High Quality Silver White Metal China Metal Indium Material Indium Ingot


High Quality Silver White Metal China Metal Indium Material Indium Ingot

High Quality Silver White Metal China Metal Indium Material Indium Ingot

Overview Product Description Indium is a chemical element, symbol In and atomic number 49. Indium is a silvery-gray, ext

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Basic Info.
Model NO. Indium ingot
Weight 500g
Hardness Soft
Model No. Indium Ingot
Mode of Transport Air Freight
Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification customized
Trademark Rongxintong
Origin Hebei
HS Code 8112993000
Production Capacity 15000tons Per Year
Product Description

Product Description

Indium is a chemical element, symbol In and atomic number 49. Indium is a silvery-gray, extremely soft fusible metal. Indium is in group 13 (the 13th vertical column of the periodic table). It shows a wide variety of characteristics. It is considered a metal of the "metal-poor" group. Liquid indium can chemically infiltrate glass and will adhere to the touched surface, leaving black marks. Indium is weakly radioactive, and natural indium has two main isotopes, one is In-113 as a stable nuclide and In-115 is β-decay. Therefore, avoid direct contact as much as possible during use.Indium is a fairly rare metal. It is the 69th most abundant element, about the same as silver at 0.05 ppm. Although it is widely dispersed in the earth's crust, it is extremely low in concentration and is always combined with other metal ores. It has never been found to have a natural metallic condition. Recycled indium is a by-product of smelting other metal minerals such as aluminum, antimony, cadmium and zinc. About 1,000 kg of indium (or 1 part indium concentration per 1,000 parts of dust) is recovered from the chimneys (chimneys) of zinc refineries per year. Indium is found in metal ores and minerals in Russia, Japan, Europe, Peru and Canada, as well as in the western United States.

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Product Parameters

Product Name:Indium
Synonyms:INDIUM WIRES;INDIUM BAR 99.999+%;INDIUM, PIECES, 99.99%;INDIUM, FOIL, 0.127MM THICK, 99.99%;INDIUM SHOT 2 -5MM DIAM. 99.99%;INDIUM, WIRE, 2.0MM DIAM., 99.999%;INDIUM, ROD, 10MM DIAM., 99.9998%;INDIUM, FOIL, 0.25MM THICK, 99.99%
Product Categories:Indium;Metal and Ceramic Science;Metals;Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry;Chemical Synthesis;IndiumMetal and Ceramic Science;Inorganics;IApplication CRMs;ICP CRMs;Alphabetic;Analytical Standards;ICP-OES/-MS;ICPSpectroscopy;Spectroscopy;metal or element

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Product application

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Company Profile

Hebei Rongxintong Industrial Co., Ltd. is the specialized chemical, processing and sales enterprise.

our products enjoy good reputation both at home and abroad.Our trade partners are around the world, mainly in America,Europe,Australia,South East Asia ,Middle East and South Africa. In order to serve customers well, the company has established special technical department and after-sale service department. We will make careful reply if you get any question.
The company with all the employees will constantly purse excellent quality, perfect brand and our image, and adheres to our spirit of honesty, diligence, seeking truth and progress and insists on business philosophy of quality as life and service as soul. We will satisfy market demands by top products and better service, and will welcome market challenge forever.

High Quality Silver White Metal China Metal Indium Material Indium Ingot


1. Are you a trading company or a factory? Yes, we are a factory with nearly 20 years of experience.2. How do you control the quality? We have professional quality inspectors and keep samples of each order for two years, so we also support third party testing, such as SGS, BV, etc.3. What are your payment terms? T/T or L/C AT SIGHT for first time cooperation.4. What is the weight of your unit package? 25kg or 50kg with PE bag or as your requirement.5. Can I get samples before I order? Yes, of course you can, we will give you free samples within 3 days.6. Can I package it according to my logo? Of course you can, you just need to provide the package design.7. What is the delivery time? The delivery time for sample orders is usually 4-7 working days after receiving full payment. For bulk orders, it is about 10-20 working days after receipt of deposit.8. What is the port of loading? Usually Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin (major ports in China).