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Oct 18, 2023

The Best Gaming Desks You Can Buy in 2023

Anyone looking for a new gaming desk this year will want to make sure to check out this list! Gaming Desks are misunderstood at times. Users and reviewers grapple with an obvious question that one

Anyone looking for a new gaming desk this year will want to make sure to check out this list!

Gaming Desks are misunderstood at times. Users and reviewers grapple with an obvious question that one must ask when considering them as a potential purchase. Are they a gimmick or a necessity? The answer is a bit of both. Gaming Desks can simply be flashier versions of standard desks, or they can provide an immense amount of utility if you know which ones to look for.

There are a few things that make gaming desks stand out against regular office desks, including:

Players should think about whether any of these features are important to them while choosing a new gaming desk in order to narrow their search down from thousands of options.

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The SEDETA L-shaped desk has everything gamers need and then some. The spacious desk can hold 3 monitors, 2 storage shelves, and a CPU stand. This stylish desk can be converted into a long, straight desk or maintain its standard L shape, making it ideal for a wide variety of spaces. The desk also comes with a power outlet, LED lights, a keyboard tray, a headphone hook, a storage bag, a top hutch, and even a pegboard.

The SEDETA L-Shaped Reversible Computer Desk is the best gaming desk right now because it suits most gamers extremely well. Although not everyone wants a large desk, having more room to spread out is usually a good thing if space allows it. The SEDETA computer desk doesn't just leave players to their own devices though, offering a variety of organizational tools such as a peg board, a headset hook, and lots of shelving. Players even get a hanging bag, a roll-out keyboard tray, and a power outlet to help keep all of their electronics protected and powered.

Along with the impressive features of the SEDETA gaming desk, the overall design is super stylish, available in both sleek black and crisp white. Both color options include RGB lighting that can be controlled through an app or through the built-in voice control. With a mid-range price that can't be beat, this reversible gaming desk from SEDETA is the best option for most gamers.

Among gamers, Secretlab is a well-known brand that creates some of the greatest workstations and chairs. The Magnus Pro is the first sit-to-stand metal desk in the world to provide enhanced cable management, a unique integrated power solution that uses just one cable, and its own modular, magnetic ecosystem of accessories. Specially designed to cooperate with a Secretlab gaming chair to support all-day healthy body mobility.The Magnus Pro also has precise height adjustment, an ultra-durable steel chassis, a built-in control panel, three presets, and a fully integrated power supply column.

The SecretLab Magnus Pro is a premium gaming desk made by a company that prides itself on providing gamers with the very best ergonomic design. Although Secretlab is better known for its gaming chairs, its Magnus Pro gaming desk is just as ergonomic and can even serve as a standing desk. Players can use the capacitive touch control panel to adjust the height using the very smooth and nearly-soundless motor, which features 3 convenient preset heights.

This Secretlab gaming desk comes in 2 sizes: Magnus Pro and Magnus Pro XL. Users that require more space have the option to upgrade to the larger XL version for an extra $150, depending on what other add-ons are chosen. On top of everything, the Magnus Pro comes with a best-in-class cable management solution that is further supplemented by a dedicated power supply option that allows for concealed wires, giving the desk a clean look. Players willing to spend a bit more on their gaming desk will find that the Secretlab Magnus Pro pays off with its premium build.

FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus is one of the company's top-end standing desk models featuring durable carbon steel for the base structure and thicker leg columns for stability. The dual-motor lift mechanism keeps the tabletop steady and the sturdy structure ensures that there's no wobble even when gaming.

The Flexispot E7 Pro Plus is not a gaming desk per se. But given its versatility and ergonomics, there is nothing stopping what is probably the best-in-class desk from becoming a force to be reckoned with as it competes directly with desks that often cost an arm and a leg more than what is arguably the best height-adjustable desk we have seen.

With a variety of desk top options that allow a different tier of customizability for the end user, the Flexispot is a viable alternative to the more RGB/gaming-centric desks. With multiple offerings for RGB strips and lighting that have emerged in the past few years such as the Philips Hue lineup, there is really no reason why a gamer can simply not trick out Flexispot E7 to be an excellent gaming desk.

Alternatively, they could skip that aspect entirely. After all, most PCs do come with significant RGB control, so the desk does not necessarily have to have controllable lighting while offering a premium finish and experience for gamers.

The MOTPK gaming desk is an extremely compact option, perfect for younger players. Featuring a textured top that is resistant to damage, players are given lots of space for their PC accessories. The additional shelf keeps monitors up and out of the way, while wire management grommets and accessory holders prevent the desk from getting too cluttered. Although the amount of usable space is less than other gaming desks, the low cost and stylish design make it a perfect choice for young or new players looking for their first gaming desk.

This affordable gaming desk has all the essentials players want to see on their gaming desk. The top shelf keeps the monitor at eye level and safe from any spills or tangled cords, while the cupholder and hanger hook further protect accessories from accidents. The hook can work as a backpack hanger or a headset holder, depending on the user's needs.

The simple design of this compact gaming desk offers players ample space to keep accessories and gaming decorations to fit their style. The sturdy frame leaves lots of legroom while also featuring color accents that make the desk really pop. Even though it is on the smaller side, this gaming desk is under $100 and makes the most of the space it does have.

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The EUREKA RGB Glass Gaming Desk offers a unique combination of audio-synced RGB LED lighting effects and a super sleek glass desktop. Easy to control and offering plenty of space for PCs and laptops, this desk is ideal for a wide variety of users. Although it’s a bit more expensive than other computer desks, the extra features included and the high-quality materials used make this the best RGB desk on the market.

This glass gaming desk from EUREKA is one of the most impressive RGB gaming desks available right now. The minimalist design uses a sleek black glass top to accentuate a fully integrated RGB lighting system. The hex-patterned top can sync the lights to PC audio from games, movies, and more. With 27 music sync modes, 10 cycle modes, and a sleep mode, players can do quite a bit of customizing before sticking with a specific setup. Plus, there are holders for bags, cups, and headsets.

Though this RGB desk is much more expensive than other options, the price is backed by extremely high-quality materials in its construction. The frame is made from powder-coated carbon steel while the 6mm thick, tempered-glass desktop is both waterproof and heat-resistant. Players looking to add a bit of colorful prestige to their gaming room may find the EUREKA RGB glass gaming desk to be the perfect choice.

The Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation RGB gaming desk features a broad border of vibrant RGB lighting. Using 8 dynamic lighting effects and easy synchronization with compatible peripherals, including Razer Chroma, players can customize this gaming desk however they see fit. The wide surface area also offers plenty of room for PC towers, monitors, and PC accessories without crowding the space.

The Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation is a premium gaming desk that is priced accordingly. It has an excellent full-surface mousepad and a sturdiness that allows it to handle up to 330 lbs of load while being height adjustable.

The desk showcases innovation which is otherwise lacking in its peers. Not only does it support 8 unique lighting effects via the bundled ITake software, but it supports Alexa Voice commands, Thermaltake's own proprietary SyncALL TT RGB PLUS software as well as the significantly more popular Razer RGB Chroma software solution. This essentially means more fine-grained control of your RGB lighting as well as the ability to use user-defined presets for the Level 20 Battlestation.

The Lian Li DK-05 FX is more than just a desk. It is, for lack of better words, a PC case that also happens to be a desk.

The Lian Li DK-05 FX is a testament to the celebrated casemaker's commitment to building cases that cater to every consumer out there. It happens to be, to date, its most premium offering. It does come in two options: single or dual system offerings depending on the user's needs.

With switchable glass panels on top of what is essentially one or two full-blown PCs, the customization possibilities are truly endless here. One can build a liquid-cooled system thanks to the immense amount of space in play and even control the entire PC with power, fan, and RGB controls that are built into the desk. With a removable motherboard and PSU and radiator trays, you can truly build a system/desk of your own choosing even if the end goal is a complete custom water loop or simply an air-cooled performance-centric behemoth.

All in, the Lian Li DK-05 FX in both iterations will turn heads given its unique solution to the problem of getting the right gaming desk for your PC: Making it one. It does however happen to be quite pricey given what it does offer. First-time PC builders might want to get assistance before attempting a build inside the Lian Li case too, despite its modular approach, especially given that it caters to higher-end and more complex builds by default.

The FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is the perfect choice for corner desks. Taking advantage of L-shaped designs, the FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk combines simplicity with a fairly smart control system.

The FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is the perfect L-shaped gaming desk for both those wanting to get started with an L-shaped desk and those already experienced with them. Why? Because the FEZIBO L-shaped gaming desk has loads of versatility and personalized optimizations available. From construction, you can opt for the L's "trunk" to be on the right side or the left side of the finished table. Maybe you think you want more space on the right side, but it turns out the left side is ideal for you. That's okay with the FEZIBO.

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FEZIBO also does not skimp on customization options. The desk is made of engineered wood and steel but comes in "colors" including black, black walnut, light rustic brown, rustic brown, and white upon ordering. The black is the most "gamery" while the black walnut has an elegant look and the white gives a very modern finish. Customize your user experience, as well, via height adjustment options that can be remembered by the desk's computer control panel. Set the best standing height, lock it in, and return to that height at any time with the push of a button, zero hassle. In fact, the whole experience is relatively hassle-free, excluding parts of the construction; some complain the bored-in screw holes are a bit too tight. Granted, for this sort of thing, too tight is always better than too loose and provides for better longevity.

In many ways, choosing a good gaming desk is like choosing any quality computing desk. Users of a lot of desks likely already have a good idea of what they want to bring into their gaming setups. And you can use a normal desk as your gaming desk (seriously, there's no law against it!), but there are a few things that matter more when purchasing a gamer desk as opposed to a worker desk. These come in the form of the desk's materials, customization options, surface size and shape, and what we might vaguely refer to as "gamer features."

The SEDETA L-shaped desk has everything gamers need and then some. The spacious desk can hold 3 monitors, 2 storage shelves, and a CPU stand. This stylish desk can be converted into a long, straight desk or maintain its standard L shape, making it ideal for a wide variety of spaces. The desk also comes with a power outlet, LED lights, a keyboard tray, a headphone hook, a storage bag, a top hutch, and even a pegboard.

The SEDETA L Shaped Reversible Computer Desk is our top choice because it hits all of these marks right on target. It's built with durable engineered wood and metal, offers a spacious surface along with lots of extra storage, features custom options such as the peg board, and simply looks cool!

The right materials can make a world of difference with desks, but it’s important to know what each option has to offer. First and foremost, a solid metal frame is a must-have on any desk that isn’t a budget purchase. Even in that case, it’s usually best to pay a bit more for a metal frame.

Metal frames increase the weight capacity and prevent unnecessary jiggling, keeping even your budget monitor still and pleasant to look at. Be honest with yourself. Do you get emotional when you game? Especially as we play games that are designed to frustrate the player, there can be a tendency to literally push back at the desk, keyboard, mouse, or whatever. Metal frames take damage better and are more resistant to long-term usage.

So if metal is so strong, it should make for a great desktop too, right? Not necessarily. While there are certainly some benefits to having a metal desk, the reality is that these desks can be extremely expensive and offer few improvements over solid wood. Not that solid wood is cheap, but it’s an excellent option for players looking for greatly increased durability at only a slightly higher cost. Manufactured and engineered wood are the most common options, as these are both strong and affordable.

What makes the difference in quality between this common desktop material is the finish. Laminated and textured tops tend to be more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and even water damage. However, the amount and quality of the laminate tend to increase with price.

Everyone loves to rearrange their room, revamp their space, or move into a new area, but what happens to expensive gaming desks then? Being able to customize a gaming desk can be pretty important, although some users won’t see this as a deciding factor.

Desks with height-adjustment options, for instance, are perfect for players who work from home or go to school virtually. Standing at a desk has been shown to have many health benefits, but who wants to stand while gaming? Of course, there are a few VR games that could be even more immersive while standing, but being able to take care of health while working sounds like a good combo.

Other customization options can make a big difference between game desks, such as RGB lighting that syncs to devices or movable hooks for accessories. Many L-shaped desks let users choose which orientation their desk uses, right, left, or even just straight (and unusually long). So, while customizability isn't a requirement for gaming desks, even a little bit can help you put together your overall dream set.

The shape of your gaming desk matters for both functionality and safety. A gaming desk's form factor will be very important for anybody. It can determine the desk's overall functionality, while the desk's corners might be a safety issue depending on the user's family and gaming needs.

Gaming desks come in several form factors, with the typical ones being described as follows:

No matter the form factor, it is important to decide if sharp corners are acceptable for your environment. While many gamers like the look of sharp corners, if they come at eye height to siblings and children — who might run into them while excited — going with rounded corners is better. Also, consider if the room where the gaming desk is to be used will also be the home of a lot of virtual reality gaming or Wii Sports playing. Any flinging of the arms or legs could result in a wound if someone hits a sharp corner.

There's this undeniable factor that separates the best gaming desks from average desks. So-called "gaming features" tend to be features that fit best in a non-professional environment, like a gaming room or a bedroom. Extras like RGB lighting, dynamic frames, and patterned or themed tops tend to scream “gamer desk”.

Gamer desks add to specific aesthetics and can enhance video game-themed gaming rooms with colorful finishes or unique materials such as carbon steel. Gaming desks also often add hooks for bags or headsets and sometimes include cupholders to keep soda and other drinks far from any electronics.

Of course, even non-strictly gaming desks can have a piece of the gaming magic, too! That's why reviews and recommendations from gamers, for gamers, tend to work best. Each product selected is made with gaming in mind. Even a budget gaming desk that is truly gamer-friendly can be considered a better choice than a standard office desk, depending on which gamer features it offers.

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A gaming desk can cost anywhere from sub-$100 to as much as $3000 in some cases depending on brand value, material used and customization options in play

Not all gaming desks have RGB but most do given that it is at times, a sought-after feature for gaming-themed desks.

Yes, Gaming Desks can be height adjustable. Given the price point these trade at, it normally is a feature for higher-end versions of gaming desks.

Gaming desks generally tend to have Steel or Aluminum as core metals with wood, carbon fiber and/or tempered glass as part of the desk top.

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